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January 20
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Chapter 3

The loud, annoying beeping of your alarm clock woke you up from your deep sleep. Groaning, you reach over and search for the alarm button before finally turning the annoying contraption off. You sat up and rubbed the sleep out of your eyes, your (h/l)(h/c) hair sticking out in every direction possible.

“Man, I wish I didn’t have school today…” you mumbled as you got up to get dressed in your regular school uniform. While you were getting ready your eyes fell on the sunflower you had found on your doorstep yesterday, along with the note attached. ‘Oh…I had forgotten all about that,’ you thought as you walk over to read the note again, as if it had any clues as to who wrote it, ‘I’m sure it was Alfred or Elizabeta playing a trick on me…I’ll ask them about it today.’ You decided as you pocketed the note, brushed the tangles out of your (h/c) hair, and grabbed your bag and started off to school.


For once you were actually early to homeroom. There were your typical people who always seem to want to be early to everything, but the one person that stood out was Ivan.

‘Well, this is my chance to apologize to Ivan for what happened yesterday…’ you thought as you sat down next to him, feeling an odd nervousness pass over you.

Ivan looked up at you and gave his small smile that you had already somewhat gotten accustomed to, “Hello (y/n), I didn’t expect you to be here this early.”

You chuckled a little, “I’m not always late, you know. My stupid alarm clock just has a mind of its own, that’s all.”

He chuckled along with you, until an awkward silence fell over both of you. ‘Damn, I hate moments like this.’ You thought to yourself, ‘I guess now is the time to apologize.’

“Look, Ivan, I’m sorry about ditching you yesterday, I-“ you began, but Ivan cut you off.

“There’s no need to apologize, I understand that you already had plans made.” His purple orbs pierced your (e/c) ones, making you blush a little. ‘How is it possible for someone to have such pretty eyes?’ you thought before mentally smacking yourself, ‘No, shut up! Stop thinking such weird shit about a guy you just met yesterday!’

“U-uh, I’m free today, i-if you still want me to show you around…” you stutter, earning another mental slap from yourself, ‘Why am I acting so nervous? I’m just asking to show him around! Damn me and my social awkwardness…’

Ivan smiled brightly, “Da, that would be very nice!” You could tell he would have said more, but just then Alfred walked in.

“Yo (y/n), what’s up?” He called out in his usual loud, cheery voice as he made his way to his desk. “It’s amazing to see you here early, seeing as though you’re usually late.”

You punched his arm, “Hey! I’m not always late! I’m just…late more often than others.”

Alfred laughed and playfully punched you back, “Whatever you say, (nickname). Hey, wanna have round two at Mortal Kombat later today?” he asked, his blue eyes sparkling with excitement, “Just don’t get mad when you lose again!”

You were about to say yes, but then you remembered that you just promised to show Ivan around town, “I’m sorry, Alfred, but I have other plans this afternoon…”

His smile fell a little, “Oh, you hanging out with Elizabeta today or something?”

“Uh, no…I promised to show Ivan around town today.” You replied, hoping he wouldn’t get mad at you again.

Alfred’s eyes flashed somewhat angrily, but he gave a stiff smile and said, “Oh, okay. Have fun with that then.”

Before you could say anything else, Mr. Walton began to take attendance and ordered everyone to be quiet. ‘I’m glad Alfred didn’t get too angry about me hanging with Ivan,’ you thought to yourself, tuning out everyone around you, ‘But I can still tell it pissed him off. I just can’t understand why he’s acting like this!’

Pretty soon the bell rang, so you gathered up your things and turned to Alfred, expecting to be walking with him today like you’ve always done, but he just rushed out of the classroom without saying anything. ‘What the hell is his problem? I thought he said he wasn’t going to be a jackass anymore!’ you thought angrily to yourself before sighing in defeat. ‘I guess I’ll walk with Ivan today, although I wish Alfred would stop being an ass so we could all walk together.’

You turned to Ivan and smiled, “Hey, do you mind if I walk with you to class today?”

He nodded, “Da, that would be nice.” The two of you walked together towards your classes in awkward silence, with you being too nervous to start a conversation. He didn’t seem too bothered by the silence though, but actually looked content. You soon reached your next class and said a simple goodbye to Ivan. As you sat down in your desk you sighed, ‘I suck at making new friends…’


‘Finally, time for lunch!’ you thought joyously as you sat down with your regular group.

“Hey guys!” you called out to the five of them. All but Alfred greeted you happily. You frowned at Alfred and tried to catch his eye, but it was very clear that he was trying hard to avoid eye contact.

“So, (y/n), how was your chat with Ivan yesterday?” Elizabeta asked teasingly, nudging you with her elbow. “Any romantic things I should know about?”

You rolled your (e/c) eyes at her, “Geez, you really want me to get a boyfriend, don’t you?” you chuckled a little, “Speaking of boyfriends and such, which one of you left the sunflower and the cheesy note at my doorstep yesterday?”

Everyone turned towards you, confusion written all over their faces. Even Alfred snapped out of his little attitude and had his full attention directed at you, making you feel nervous.

“My dear, what are you talking about?” Arthur asked quizzically, his big bushy eyebrows furrowing together.

Now it was your turn to be confused, “Wait…you guys aren’t joking? So none of you left the flower and note on my doorstep?” ‘Then who was it that left the note and flower on my doorstep? Francis? He did ask me out on a date…but the simplicity of the note doesn’t suit him…If it wasn’t him, and it wasn’t my friends, who was it?’ you pondered to yourself

“Do you have the note with you?” Alfred asked in a monotone, pulling you out of your thoughts, “I bet it was just Francis or the other two Bad Touch Trio members messing with you.”

You shook your head as you pulled the note out of your pocket, “I thought that after you guys said you didn’t know what I was talking about, but I think they’d be more elaborate if it was them.”

Alfred took the note from you and read it over, everyone else crowding around to read it too.

His blue orbs darkened as he put the note down on the table, “Well, it’s definitely not one of the BTT…”

“It sounds like you finally have an admirer, (y/n)!” Elizabeta cheered.

Alfred chuckled darkly, “Or it could be a stalker…”

You shook your head at Alfred, “C’mon, who would want to stalk me? I’m a pretty boring person.”

“I agree with (y/n) on this. At the moment, whoever this person is seems pretty harmless.” Arthur stated

“I wourd be carefur, (y/n),” Kiku warned, his brown eyes filled with worry, “This mysterious person courd be dangerous.”

“Come on guys, let’s be realistic; this isn’t one of those stupid story situations,” You argue, “It’s probably just some really shy kid that goes here. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about.”

Alfred frowned, “Still, you can’t be too careful, (y/n). Just try not to go by yourself into creepy places, ok?”

You scoffed, “Do you think I’m some idiot in a horror movie? I know better than to go in some dark alley by myself!”

He sighed and rubbed his forehead for a second before turning his piercing blue orbs to your (e/c) ones, “Just…promise you’ll be careful, alright?”

“Fine, fine, I’ll be careful,” you say, ignoring his concern. ‘He goes from ignoring me to being overprotective. What is up with him?’ Your eyes glance up to see Ivan sitting down in his usual spot by himself.

Tossing the remainder of your food, you get up to go over to him, “Well, I’m going over to sit by Ivan now, since you guys seem too scared of him to invite him over here. See you guys later!”

You could feel Alfred’s cold glare on you as you sat by Ivan, who greeted you warmly. If looks could kill, you and Ivan would probably be brutally murdered.

“Man, I can’t wait till school is over…” You complain, attempting to have a conversation with the huge Russian boy.

“Really? Why would that be? I don’t think school is that bad…” He replied.

“School is extremely boring and stressful for me. Plus it doesn’t help that Alfred seems to be pissed at me now…” you explained. Then you turned to him and grinned, “But mainly, I’m really looking forward to showing you around!”

A look of shock passed over Ivan’s face, “You’re looking forward to spending time with me?”

‘Oh, that came out wrong,’ you thought, ‘that made me sound like I like him or something…’ You smiled at him, “Yeah, it makes me happy when I help people in need. It makes me feel like I’m doing a public service.”

“Ah, that makes sense…” He replied, but something in his voice was off. It almost sounded like he was a little disappointed, but you figured it was just your imagination.

The bell rang loudly, and you groaned in response, “Great, now I have to go to math class with Francis…”

Ivan frowned, “Are you worried that he will bother you again? I can…persuade him to leave you alone.” The way Ivan talked made you shiver a little. ‘I guess I can see why people are scared of him…’ you thought, ‘but at least he doesn’t act that way to me.’

“No thanks, Ivan. As much as that might help with the headaches I get from him, I don’t want you hurting him or anything.”

His purple eyes met yours, “If that’s what you wish, but let me know if he bothers you again.”

You smiled a little as you replied, “Alright, I will. Anyway, I better get to class. See you in English.” Giving him a small wave, you start heading for your Math class.


Soon, it was the last period of the day, and you were eager to get out of school, along with the rest of the kids in your classroom. But of course the teacher had yet another mind numbing lesson planned today about Romeo and Juliet. You sighed as you listened to the teacher give a quick synopsis of the story, ‘I don’t understand why schools bother to teach that horrible book,’ You thought aggravatedly to yourself, ‘It teaches us absolutely nothing, other than that love stricken teenagers are incredibly stupid.’

“Now that you all know at least something about the book, for homework I want you all to write a page on one or more themes that can be found in the book.” She instructed, earning a groan from the entire class, “This will be due on Friday, given that it’s not too hard of an assignment.”

As if a miracle from God, the bell rang, releasing everyone from the annoyance of the works of Shakespeare.

You quickly gathered your things and looked to Ivan excitedly, “You ready to go around town? I know I am.”

He nodded and smiled, “Da, I am, but if you want we can drop off our school things at my house before we go.”

“Sure, that’s actually a good idea.” You say as the two of you walk out of the classroom and into the crowded hallways. As the two of you walked side by side, you could see people staring at both of you. Some people seemed curious, but everyone else’s eyes looked at you with a mix of worry and pity, like they felt bad for you because you were near Ivan. Their stares made you feel angry, ‘Why is everyone so scared of Ivan? Sure, he can be kind of threatening at times, but he’s usually nice!’ you thought as you quickened your pace and got out of the school quickly with Ivan, instantly feeling better now that there was no one to gawk at both of you.

After you and Ivan had been walking for what seemed like forever, you asked, “Ivan, exactly how far is your house?”

He smiled apologetically, “I’m sorry to make you walk so far. My house is right around the corner.”

When you rounded said corner you saw some of the biggest houses you’d ever seen. ‘Wow, I had no idea that Ivan lived in the rich neighborhood.’ You thought as you gaped at the large mansion like houses.

Ivan noticed your reaction and chuckled, “Are you surprised by the houses in this neighborhood?”

You nodded, “Yeah, they’re some of the biggest I’ve ever seen! You’re so lucky to live in one of these houses!”

Ivan’s smile fell a little and he mumbled very quietly, “It’s not nice if there’s no one to share it with…”

“Huh? Did you say something, Ivan?” you asked, glancing at him. You could have sworn that he said something just now.

He shook his head, “No, I didn’t say anything, (y/n)…”

Both of you walked up to his huge front porch, with you still gaping at the size of his house. It made you wonder what exactly his parents did for a living to be able to afford such a grand house.

Ivan unlocked the front door and held it open with a smile, “You first, (Y/n).”

You eagerly walked inside, curious to see if the house was just as extravagant inside as it was outside. The interior of Ivan’s house looked like you were in some sort of Russian palace.

“Whoa…” You breathed, your eyes scanning every detail of the beautiful house.

A deep chuckle sounded from behind you, “I assume that you like my home then, (y/n)?” Ivan smiled, his purple eyes lighting up in amusement.

You nodded your head, “You’re house is amazing! It’s like being in a castle!”

He smiled, “Feel free to look around, (y/n). I’ll go put away our things while you do.” He took your things along with his and went upstairs to where you assumed his room was. You walked through the hallway, gazing at the pictures on the walls. Most of them were just some artistic paintings, but there was one of Ivan and two girls that caught your attention. Moving closer, your (e/c) eyes observed the picture with curiosity. In the middle of the picture was Ivan, who you immediately recognized because of his purple eyes and scarf that he wore. On his left was a girl who looked older than Ivan, with short light blonde hair and a bright smile, and not to mention really huge breasts. On his right was a serious, younger girl with long platinum blonde hair and icy blue eyes. Despite her seemingly cold expression, her eyes showed happiness, as did Ivan and the other girl. ‘I wonder who these girls are…’ You thought to yourself, ‘They all seem so happy together.’

“Are you ready to go, (y/n)?” Ivan asked, making you jump a little since you didn’t hear him come down the stairs.

“O-oh, yeah I am…but before we go, who are these girls next to you in this picture?” you ask, gesturing to the photo.

Ivan moves a little closer to see which photo you’re talking about, and gives a small smile, “Ah, these are my sisters. The one on the left is my older sister Katyusha, and on the right is my little sister Natalia.”

You smiled, “Oh, they both look really nice. Are they here now? I would really like to meet them!”

A sad expression crossed over Ivan’s face, “Um, no, they did not come to America with me…”

“Really? Why didn’t they come over here with you?” you asked, cocking your head to the side.

Ivan sighed, “It is a bit of a long story, but my little sister Natalia grew so obsessive with me to the point we had to put her in a mental hospital in Ukraine. Katyusha decided to stay in Ukraine so she could visit Natalia and keep her from being lonely.”

You frowned, feeling sorry for the Russian boy, “I’m so sorry, Ivan. If I had known I wouldn’t have-”

He cut you off and quickly changed the subject, “It’s fine, (y/n). We should start leaving now before it starts to get too dark.”

Silently you followed him, still thinking of his two sisters. ‘Poor Ivan, I can’t imagine how it must feel to go through that kind of thing.’ You thought to yourself, ‘It kind of explains why he’s acts kind of scary sometimes…’ Trying to get the negative thoughts out of your head, you shook your head, causing your (h/c) locks falling in your face, ‘There’s nothing I can do about it. I should focus on having a fun time with Ivan…’

Hello everyone~ I hope you have enjoyed the story thus far. And please let me know if I've made a mistake in my writing so I can fix it!

Part 1:…

Part 2:…

Part 3: you're here

Part 4: coming soon!

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