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January 9
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Chapter 2

You sighed with relief, realizing you only had one more class to go before you could go home. Dealing with Francis in Math class had depleted your energy and patience, and you were just ready for the day to end. Reaching your last class, which was English, you sat in your regular seat in the very back with an empty desk next to you. Or it would be empty, if a certain Russian wasn’t sitting there.

You somewhat gaped at him, “Y-You’re in this class too?”

Ivan looked up at you with his violet and nodded, “Da, is that a problem?”

You shook you head, stuttering, “N-no, I just… d-didn’t expect to share any classes with you.”

He nodded again in understanding, and was about to speak until the teacher came in, telling everyone to be quiet.

The rest of English class went by slowly, probably due to your boredom and lack of conversation. You absentmindedly tapped your pencil on your desk, your mind on what you would be doing later with Alfred. Even though the two of you had gotten a little irritated with each other today, you were still looking forward to having fun with him like you usually did.

Finally after what felt like an eternity, the bell rang. ‘Yes!’ you mentally cheered as you began to gather up your things. You stopped though when you saw Ivan come up to you out of the corner of your eye, so you turned to him to see what he wanted.

He smiled a little shyly at you, fiddling with his long pale pink scarf before saying, “Um, since I am new to this town, I was wondering if you could show me around today?”

You open your mouth to say yes, but slowly close it as you remembered that you were hanging out with Alfred that afternoon, “I’m sorry, I already made plans with Alfred today…”

Ivan’s face went from cheerful to almost expressionless, but you could see in his purple eyes that there was a hint of…anger? ‘Why on Earth would he be mad that I have plans with Alfred? Unless he’s mad at me for not accepting to help him…’

“Oh, alright then, maybe some other time then, da?” he said almost curtly before quickly walking off.

Sighing to yourself, you pick up the rest of your things and head to your locker slowly. By the time you got to it most of the kids had gone home already. To be honest, Ivan’s reaction made you feel guilty for not agreeing to help him out. ‘I’m sure being in a new country isn’t easy for him, and when he tries to get help I just blow him off!’ you thought sadly to yourself as you opened your locker and pulled out your (f/c) messenger bag. ‘It seems like the only thing I’ve been doing today is pissing people off. Way to go, (y/n)!’ You shut your locker to see a boy with semi-long blonde hair and blue eyes smirking at you. You yelped in surprise not expecting to see anyone behind your locker door, let alone Francis Bonnefoy.

“What do you want, Francis?” you snapped, your (e/c) eyes flashing with irritation.

Still with his stupid smirk on his face he replied, “Nothing much, mon cher (my dear), I was just wondering if you would like to go on a date tonight~”

Rolling your eyes, you begin to walk off, “Sorry, I’m not interested.”

He grabbed your arm though and pulled you closer to him, “Now, now, mon cher, that’s no way to treat someone. Ohonhonhon~”

You leaned away from him as much as you could, “Honestly, I don’t care right now. You’re wearing my patience thin, so please let me go right now.”

Francis let out a chuckle, “I wont let go until you agree to go on a date~” He inched closer and closer, as though he were about to kiss you.

You begin struggling against him, but you weren’t able to worm your way out of his grip. Francis was only a few inches away from your face when you noticed his eyes glance up and grow wide in fear. He quickly let go of you and backed up a few feet, trembling a little. Hearing a dark laughter that sounded like “Kolkolkol”, you turn to see Ivan with a menacing look on his face, and his eyes looking a darker shade of purple. You understood why Francis was now running away out of fear; even you were shaking a little at the malevolence of Ivan’s face.

Ivan noticed the fact that you were trembling, and his face softened, “Are you alright, (Y/n)?”

You stared at him cautiously before slowly nodding, “I-I’m fine….”

A concerned look crossed his face as he put a hand on your cheek, “He didn’t hurt you or anything, did he? If he did I will gladly punish him…”

Before you could reply, you heard your name being called, “Yo, (nickname), you ready to-“ Alfred stopped when he saw you there with Ivan, and the joyful smile he had on his face quickly fell.

Once you realized what Alfred must be thinking, you blushed and pushed Ivan’s hand away from your cheek, “Uuh…i-it’s not what it looks like…”

His usually bright blue eyes glared at you coldly, “No, I understand. You’d rather be hanging out with him, right? I guess several years of friendship doesn’t mean much when an ‘attractive’ new guy comes into town, huh?” And with that, Alfred began to leave.

“Alfred, wait! Let me explain!” you called out to him, but he ignored you and left, leaving you there with Ivan. A crushing guilt consumed you; you shouldn’t have turned your back on your best friend to help out a new student, but it was in your nature to help people.

“I’m sorry, (y/n),” Ivan said quietly, “I didn’t mean-“

You cut him off, “Don’t worry about it. If it’s anyone’s fault it’s mine.” With that, you walked away from Ivan.

Ivan sighed as he watched (y/n) walk off. He knew he should feel bad for pitting (Y/n)’s friend against her, but…he felt good about it… happy, even. He smiled a little, ‘With the American boy out of the way,’ he thought, ‘Maybe I can have you to myself…’  


After your long walk home, you sighed as you headed to your room, glancing at the picture on your nightstand that you had of you and Alfred from a few years ago.

‘Why does my best friend have to be mad at me?’ you thought to yourself as you plopped down on your (f/c) bed, ‘In fact, I don’t understand why everyone is mad today. First, it was Alfred, and now Ivan too…’

Your (e/c) eyes fell on the picture again, seeing Alfred’s bright, happy grin that you hadn’t seen come out since you started talking to Ivan that morning.

"Well, I’m not about to lose my best friend because he’s getting jealous for some reason…” you say to yourself before getting off your bed and heading out the door.

As you walked down your street, you didn’t notice a pair of purple eyes watching you...


You nervously knocked on Alfred’s front door, going over in your mind on what you were going to say to him.

Soon, the door opened, and you blurted out, “Alfred, I need to-“ You stopped when you noticed it was his twin brother, Matthew, at the door, looking confused.

“U-uh…D-do you need something, (Y-Y/n)?” he asked quietly

You nodded, “Um, yes, I need to talk to Alfred about something…”

“W-Well, he’s upstairs in his room. He’s been r-really quiet today. Did s-something happen?” Matthew asked, moving aside to let you in.

Fidgeting a little, you replied, “W-We got into a bit of a fight after school…I’m here to try and patch things up.”

His eyes widened a little in surprise, “O-oh…I never expected y-you two to ever fight. Y-you should g-go and make up…I’d h-hate for you two to stop b-being friends…”

You smiled and gave a soft “Thank you” before heading to Alfred’s room, hesitating at the door. ‘What if he doesn’t want to see me, and kicks me out?’ you thought, nervously running your hands through your (h/l) (h/c) hair, ‘What if I can’t make things right between us?’

Shaking your head, you take a deep breath and knock on the door.

“Dude, Mattie, you don’t have to knock on my door. Just come in!” you heard Alfred chuckle

“I’m not Matthew…” you say quietly, still waiting at the door for him to let you in.

You heard him shuffle around until you saw him open the door, his blue eyes looking shocked for a second before turning cold like they were earlier, “Oh, so you ditched that Russian boy, huh?”

His rudeness hurt your feelings a little, “Look, Alfred, Ivan was only there with me after school because he helped me get Francis off of me. It shouldn’t matter anyway though. Are you really going to be rude to me just because I talk to one person?”

Alfred sighed and ruffled his dirty blonde hair, “…I guess you’re right. I’m acting like a bit of a jackass.” He looked into your (e/c) eyes and smiled a little, “Still friends?”

You beamed and hugged him, “Yes, of course we are! Now, are you still up for that Mortal Kombat duel, or have you chickened out?”

He playfully punched your arm, “Pfff, no way would I chicken out of anything! You’re so gonna lose!”


After hanging out at Alfred’s house for a few hours, you eventually left, feeling more cheerful than you had earlier that afternoon. It was a bit of a ways back to your house, but you soon made it. You happened to notice that there was something by the front door, so you went to go check it out. When you got close enough, you could see that it was a sunflower with a note attached to it. Curious, you picked up the flower and began to read the note.

For (Y/n), whose smile is as bright as a sunflower.

Your eyebrows furrowed together, trying to think of who could have left the flower there. ‘Maybe one of my friends did it as a joke, because there’s no way anyone would have a crush on me. I’ll ask them tomorrow at lunch and see which one of them left it.’ You thought to yourself as you brought the flower inside and put it in a vase in the kitchen before starting on your homework.

(A/n: So sorry for the stupidity of the note, I’m not exactly the best at romantic poems)

Hope everyone enjoyed! Let me know if you see any mistakes I'm not so good at proofreading Xp

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Part 4: coming soon

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In case you didnt know, part 3 is out!…
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