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December 4, 2013
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‘Shit, shit, shit!’ You thought as you sprinted down your street in your school uniform, ‘I am going to be so late!’ Your (h/l)(h/c) hair was flying behind you from your running, which wasn’t easy given that your blue and black uniform skirt was so short and your flats being near impossible to run in. ‘Maybe I wont be as late as I thought…’ you thought as you were nearing the corner of the block your school was at. When you rounded the corner, you had no time to react to the tall boy that was in front of you until you smacked into him, sending you to the ground.

“Ow,” you grumbled, rubbing your head. Whoever you had run into felt like a rock!

“Oh, are you alright?” You heard a thick Russian accent say. Your (e/c) eyes looked up at the boy in front of you. He was extremely tall, had to be at least six feet, and had platinum blonde hair that was almost white. His most noticeable feature to you was his eyes, which were an unusual purple color.

“U-uh, yeah I’m fine…” You say nervously, blushing a little out of embarrassment, “I’m sorry I ran into you, I wasn’t paying much attention…”

He smiled a little bit, “It’s alright, there was no harm done.” His smile seemed kind, but there was something a little…off about it.

Either way, you still blushed a little again, “W-Well, sorry to bail on you, but I’ve gotta get to school or I’ll be late!” you said as you began to take off running, not noticing the fact that the boy had on the same uniform as you, or that you had left your phone on the sidewalk.


You barely made it to your homeroom class before the bell rang. Your teacher, Mr. Walton, gave you an irritated look before you took your spot next to your best friend, Alfred.

“Yo (y/n), running late again?” he asked, a small smirk on his face, and his blue eyes gleaming with laughter.

You rolled your (e/c) eyes and playfully smacked his arm, “Oh shut up, it’s not my fault my alarm didn’t go off!”

He chuckled and was about to say something until Mr. Walton cut him off, “Miss (y/l/n), Mr. Jones, be quiet when I ask you to be.”

You both blushed a little out of embarrassment and mumbled apologies. Alfred scribbled on a piece of paper and handed it to you, ‘Hey, you wanna hang out today after school?’ it read. Smiling, you turned to Alfred and gave a slight nod, and he gave his usual cheerful grin in return.

Mr. Walton cleared his throat, “Alright everyone, listen up! Today we have a new student from Russia. Come on in and introduce yourself.”

The boy that you had run into that morning stepped in, “Hello, my name is Ivan Braginski…” From other people’s reactions, they seemed a little…terrified of him. Maybe it was because he was so huge and was Russian. His violet eyes scanned the faces of the room, stopping on yours. His mouth twitched a little, as though he was about to smile, but he quickly looked away from you.

“Okay, sit down in that empty desk by Miss (y/l/n) please, Mr. Braginski.” Mr. Walton said as he continued to take roll.

The Russian boy nodded and made his way to the desk on your left. You looked over at Alfred to see he was somewhat glaring at Ivan through narrowed eyes.

Curious, you nudge Alfred a little and mouth, “What is your problem?”

He sighs a little and gives a small shake of his head, “I’ll tell you later…” he whispers.

You frown at Alfred; it wasn’t like him to be unfriendly, especially to new people. What in the world could possibly be bothering him?

Suddenly, you feel a small tap on your left shoulder, making you jump a little. You look over to see Ivan giving a very small, shy smile, “Sorry to disturb you, but you dropped this when you ran into me.” In his hand was your cell phone! You hadn’t even noticed that it was gone.

“O-oh, I didn’t even realize I lost it…” you say as you gently take the phone from his hands, “T-Thank you so much, Ivan.”

Ivan just nodded a little and settled back into his seat, looking out the window. You bit your lip, sighing to yourself. You kind of wanted to talk to him, but you were a little shy to. Your (e/c) eyes glanced at Alfred to see if he would help you socialize, but his back was turned towards you, talking to someone across the room. ‘That’s weird…he rarely ever stops talking to me…’ you thought as you moved a (h/c) lock out of your face.

Sighing to yourself again, you turned back to Ivan, “Uh, h-hey…I never really got the chance to introduce myself. I’m (y/n)…”

Ivan turned his head toward you and smiled a little, “(Y/n) is a pretty name…It suits you well.”

A blush covered both of your cheeks; no one had said those kinds of things to you before. You were about to reply when the bell rang for you to go to your next class. Everyone stood up and began to file out of the classroom.

“If you want, I can-“ you began before Alfred interrupted,

“Come on (y/n), you don’t want to be late to another class!” Before you could say anything he grabbed your arm and basically dragged you out of the classroom and down the hallway.

You wrenched your arm out of his grip, “What the hell is your problem, Alfred? I’m sure the new kid could use some help!”

Alfred frowned at you, “I don’t like him. There’s something not right about him, and that freaks me out. Try to stay away from him.”

You narrowed your (e/c) eyes at him, “You barely even know him! You shouldn’t judge him just because he’s big, tall, and Russian.”

“(Y/n), just trust me! I have a bad feeling about him. At least don’t go up to him and talk a lot, alright?”

You scoffed, and walked past Alfred to your next class. ‘Who in the hell does he think he is, telling me who I can and can’t talk to!’ you thought angrily to yourself, ‘He’s never acted this way before! Why doesn’t he like Ivan? Sure he’s a little scary looking, but he isn’t that bad!’ You sighed as you sat down in math class, trying to calm yourself down, ‘Maybe Alfred will warm up to Ivan…’


‘Finally, it’s lunchtime!’ You thought cheerfully as you bought your lunch and sat down with your usual friends Arthur, Alfred of course, Elizabeta, Japan, and Alfred’s twin brother, Matthew.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” you greet them, but you avoid making eye contact with Alfred and sit next to Elizabeta.

She smiled happily at you, “Hello (Y/n)! Have you met the new Russian student? He’s pretty attractive~” Elizabeta giggled as she waggled her eyebrows jokingly.

You rolled your (e/c) eyes at her, “Yes I have met Ivan. I guess he’s attractive….he’s not exactly ugly.”

Elizabeta winked at you, “You and him would be cute together~ Although him and Yao would be too!”

“Oh geez, you and your yaoi shipping…” you chuckled and playfully ruffled her hair. You happened to glance at Alfred’s face, which looked…very angry for some reason. Maybe it was just you, but you thought you saw a flash of jealousy in his eyes.

“To be honest, that Russian boy seems very creepy…” Arthur said honestly to you, and everyone else murmured in agreement.

You glared at all of them with piercing (e/c) eyes, “Have any of you actually tried talking to him?”

Slowly, they all shook their heads no. “But look at him sitting all alone over there, (y/n), he looks scary as hell!” Alfred argued with you, starting to get angry, “Who knows what kind of shit he could be involved in!”

Looking over your shoulder, you see Ivan sitting at a table by himself, not eating anything, but glaring darkly at something. To be honest, he did look a little scary at that moment, but you had talked to him before and he was nice, right?

You turned back to Alfred and narrowed your eyes at him, “You know what? I’m tired of your bullshit.” And with that, you angrily got up and made your way over to Ivan’s table. Taking a deep breath, you muster up the courage to go stand next to him. He must have really been deep in thought because he didn’t even notice you.

“U-Uh…excuse me Ivan….” You stutter, unsure of whether or not he would let you sit with him.

His purple eyes glanced up at you and blinked a few times, almost like he didn’t believe you were there, “Oh, Привет (hello) (Y/n).”

‘My god, his eyes are gorgeous…’ you thought to yourself before looking down at the ground so he wouldn’t notice you staring, “Umm I-I was wondering if I could sit with you today…O-Only if you want though.” You replied shyly, hoping you didn’t sound like a complete loser.

Ivan stared at you, his eyes filed with curiosity, and a little suspicion, “Wouldn’t your boyfriend be mad if you sat here? He doesn’t seem to like me very much…”

Your eyebrows furrowed together in confusion, and you cocked your head to the side, “What? I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’ve never even had a boyfriend.”

Now Ivan looked just as confused as you were, “What do you mean you don’t have a boyfriend? Isn’t that loud blonde boy you sit next to in homeroom your boyfriend?”

You laughed, “Oh, you mean Alfred? No, we’re just good friends. I don’t have any feelings for him like that.”

“Hmm, I’m surprised, because that boy, Alfred, seems to get very jealous when I speak to you.” He replied, nodding over to where Alfred and your friends sat, watching your every move.

Following his gaze, you were a little taken back when your (e/c) eyes met very angry blue ones. You frowned to yourself, ‘Nothing is making any sense today. Why the hell is Alfred so angry? I’m just talking to a new kid. I know Alfred doesn’t like him that much, but he’s never acted this way before…’

Because you were busy looking at Alfred, you didn’t notice Ivan glare at Alfred for a minute before smirking at him as he proceeded to make room for you at the table.

“Come sit down (y/n), I would enjoy your company.” He said, looking up at you innocently.

You broke your gaze on Alfred to meet Ivan’s eyes, and smiled a little at him, “Alright, thank you.”

For the rest of the lunch period, you and Ivan chatted about everything under the sun. Both of you had an enjoyable time talking to one another, ignoring the fact that Alfred kept sending menacing glares over to Ivan.

Soon, the bell rang, signaling everyone to go to their next class. You groaned and stood up, not really wanting to go to your next class, which was Math. It was your worst subject and you absolutely hated it. Plus, you had to deal with an annoyingly perverted boy named Francis Bonnefoy, who was constantly flirting with you and every other girl in the class. You would really prefer to stay in the lunchroom and talk to Ivan.

“Well, I have to go to my Math class now. I’ll see you later I guess.” You said as you waved goodbye to Ivan before heading to your next class.

You stopped though when you heard Alfred call out your name. Turning around, you huff, “I swear, if this is about me talking to Ivan I will punch you in the face.”

Alfred scoffed a little, “Actually, it’s not. I just came to ask if we were still on for this afternoon.”

You sighed; you didn’t want to hang out with him that much since you were irritated with him, but you didn’t want to let him down either.

“I guess we are, but if I hear you complaining about Ivan one more time I’m not going, understand?”

He nodded, “Alright, fair enough. I have something important to tell you anyway.”

You looked at him questioningly, “What is it? Tell me now.”

Alfred shook his head, “Not yet, this isn’t the best place to do it. I’ll meet you at your locker after I go drop off something for Mrs. Dowse, okay?” He paused for a moment before grinning, “I bet I could kick your ass at Mortal Kombat!”

Rolling your eyes, you replied, “As if, I’ll totally murder you!”

“I guess we’ll see after school. Later, (y/n)!” he said as we went in the opposite direction of your class.

Sighing happily, you made your way to your class and sat down in your desk. ‘Maybe Alfred will get over his little grudge against Ivan. He seemed like himself just now…’ You stared out the window of your Math class, thinking to yourself, ‘But if Ivan was right earlier, why was Alfred jealous?’

Sorry for my absence everyone. I've been so busy with drawing requests/commissions and school I havent had time to be on here. XP Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the first chapter of this story!

And if you guys can help me come up with a title for this, I'd be so grateful!

*edit* I realize I put Japan instead of Kiku. Excuse my retardedness.

Part 1:youre here

Part 2:…

Part 3:…

Part 4: coming soon!

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