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February 9, 2013
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((A/N: Damn, I barely made the deadline on this one! DX I need to speed up my writing skills…))

~~~POV Arthur~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Arthur sighed as he watched you have fun with some of your friends. You were perfect in his eyes, with your (h/l)(h/c) hair that looked very soft, your (s/c) complexion which seemed to glow in the sun, and last but not least, your beautiful (e/c) eyes that always sparkled with happiness. Once again he sighed. He wished so badly to ask you out, but he just didn't have the guts to do so. You probably wouldn't like him that way anyway. You'd most likely go after someone like Alfred or Francis, heck, maybe even Ivan! The saddest part was, tomorrow was Valentines Day. If Arthur didn't ask you out now, you would most likely get asked out by someone else.

“Ohhonhonhon~ Who are you staring at, Arthur?” A French voice asked him, snapping him out of his thoughts.

Arthur turned to the annoying Frenchman, “I’m not staring at anybody, you bloody frog!”
Despite his answer, Francis knew he was hiding something.

He looked in the general direction that Arthur had just been staring and saw you with your buddies, “Oh,” he smirked, “Are you by any chance thinking of finding a amant (That’s lover in French I think) for Valentine’s Day?”

This caused the Brit to blush a bit before protesting, “N-No, unlike you I am not a pervert!”

His reaction caused Francis to chuckle a little bit. He looked back over to your group, ’Ohhonhonhon~ I know a way to worm the truth out of the black sheep.’ He thought mischievously to himself.

“Hmmm, that girl over there with the (h/l) (h/c) hair over there looks so beautiful, I just may have to take her all for myself~”

As soon as Francis mentioned you, Arthur’s face turned into rage, “You better not mess with her, you bloody jackass! I swear-“

The Frenchman interrupted his raging with laughter, “I knew you wanted someone! The King of Amour (love in French) can always tell~”

“W-Why you stupid git! L-Leave me alone, I’m tired of hearing your voice already.”

Instead of leaving, Francis sat down next to Arthur, “Oh come on, ami (French for friend…..maybe?), let me help you with your love life. Listen to me and you will have the women in no time!”

Arthur sighed, should he really trust Francis to help him ask (y/n) out, or should he just try to figure how to ask you by himself? ’Why is love so difficult?’ He thought to himself.

~~~POV Reader~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You were just hanging out with your friends when you heard a bit if a commotion. You turned your head to see Francis and Arthur having some kind if argument. Truth be told, you had a crush on Arthur. You loved everything about him, from his untidy blonde hair, to his shining green eyes. Heck, you even liked his oversized eyebrows! Everything about him was perfect in your eyes.

You get snapped out of your daydreams of Arthur when you hear said Brit yelling at Francis, "You better not mess with her, you bloody jackass! I swear-" He got cut off by the Frenchman's laughter. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn't hear the rest of their conversation.

’Wait….is Arthur interested in some other girl?’ you think worriedly to yourself. It pained you just to think of that horrible possibility.

Sighing to yourself, you make your way to class, mumbling, “There’s no way someone like him would even glance my way…”

~~~~~le major time skip brought to you by me and some fellow Texans~~~~~

~~~POV Arthur~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After school, Arthur had (stupidly) decided to meet the Frenchman so that he could teach him how to ask (y/n) out.

’I must be a bloody git for agreeing to this…’ he thought angrily to himself as he knocked on Francis’s door.

In a few seconds, the door was flung open, “Ah, you really did come Angleterre~ (England in French)” Francis said, smirking.

Arthur huffed and walked into his home, “This ‘lesson’ better be worth while, Frog.”

“Ohhonhonhon~ Trust me, you’ll be catching girls’ eyes in no time at all!” he chirped as he led Arthur into his living room. “Now, we are going to start with practicing how you will flirt with someone.”

The Brit blushed a bit, “Err, t-that’s not r-really gentleman like…”

Francis ignored him, and continued with his instruction, “So, let’s say a belle fille (beautiful girl) came your way, what would you say to her?”

Arthur sweatdropped a bit, “Um, I suppose I would say hello. There’s not really anything I could say.”

The Frenchman facepalmed, “Mon Dieu, tu es totalement désemparés dans les relations d'amour...” (My God, you are totally clueless in the dealings of love…) Shaking his head, he replies in English, “No no no, try giving her a compliment. It’s a good way to charm women~”

“Erm…I-I like your hair today miss…?” he said uncertainty

“Non! Say something like…Your breasts look fabulous with that dress you’re wearing~”

Arthur glared at him, “I will not say something as perverted as that, you twit! Unlike you I actually have morals.”

Francis frowned, “Well, then why don’t you come up with something better to say then?”

“…Fine, just give me something less perverted to say….”

“How about…Your lips make me want to kiss you for all eternity~”

“T-That’s a b-bit forward, don’t you think?” Arthur stuttered

Sighing, Francis says, “You’re going to have to step out of our comfort zone if you want to get this (y/n) to be your Valentine!”

’Well…I love (y/n) enough to go through with this…’ Arthur thinks before replying, “A-Alright, tell me what to do.”

~~~~~Le time skip from the awesome Prussia!~~~~~

~~~POV Reader~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You were just sitting at home, dreading the coming of tomorrow, as other “Forever Alones” were doing as well. Sighing, you ran your fingers through your (h/l)(h/c) hair, thinking to yourself, ’I really wish that Arthur had asked me to be his Valentine…but he’s probably off going to ask some other prettier girl. No one will ever want me, anyway.’ Right then you heard the doorbell ring. Curious to see who it was, you ran down the stairs and opened the door, revealing none other than the British gentleman you had fallen so hard for.

Blushing, you greet him nervously, “O-Oh, h-hello Arthur…” ’Damn me for stuttering so much!’

To your surprise, he seemed to be just as nervous as you, “Erm, g-good evening, (y-y/n)…”

You stood there, waiting for Arthur to tell you why he was there…


Since Arthur turned out to be one of the worst flirts of all time, Francis gave him an old ear radio (Y’know, those ones that you see in spy movies?) so he could feed him the lines he needed to say.

“Ok, now tell her, ‘Excuse me, if I go straight this way, will I be able to reach your heart?’”

Arthur sighs a bit, then says to you, “E-Excuse me, if I go s-straight this way, w-will I be able to reach y-your heart?”

He looks up to see you giving him an “are-you-fucking-crazy?” look with your gorgeous (e/c) eyes, and stutters, “Umm….err, t-that’s not what I meant….uh…”

“Merde (shit), try saying, ‘I must be in Heaven, because I’m looking at an angel!’”

The Brit nervously scratches the back of his head, “I-I must be in H-Heaven, because I’m looking at a-an angel…”

After an antagonizing moment of silence for Arthur, you finally reply, “Arthur…are you drunk?”

He blushes madly, “N-No! Of c-course not! I…”

“Try saying: ‘I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you’” By this time the Frenchman was worried that Arthur would mess up horribly.

“I-I’m not drunk (y/n),” Arthur says, trying to calm his nerves, “I’m just intoxicated by you.”

~~~POV Reader~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

By this time, you were really starting to wonder what the hell was wrong with Arthur. ’It’s like he’s on drugs or something…’

“Look, Arthur,” you begin to say, “You should probably start heading home-“

Arthur then begins to mutter curses under his breath, saying something along the line of “that damn Frog”. He looks up at you with his emerald eyes and says, “Screw it, I’m just going to show you how I feel.” And with that, he kisses you, tangling one hand in your (h/c) hair, and putting the other at the small of your back. Even though you’ve never been kissed before, there was no way there could ever be kisses better than this one. Arthur’s lips were so soft and gentle, and faintly tasted of the tea he always drank.

After a while, the both of you had to break the kiss for air, “W-Wow…you really….like me?” you ask

He smiles, ‘Of course, love. I’ve liked you for a while now. I’ve just had trouble working up the bravery to say it to your face.”

You giggle a bit, “So what was up with all of those silly pick up lines?”

“…I asked Francis for advice…lets just leave it at that…”

Off in the bushes, you both hear a French accent cheer, “Onhonhonhonhon~ The King of Amour always prevails!”

“Shut up you damn frog!”
It was so much fun looking up pick up lines for this. XDDD So yeah this is for a contest, and I hope you all enjoy it. I'm not very confident about this one.....

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